Christians Can Be Counterculturally Fearless

Chapman University recently released its annual Survey on American Fear. Given the headlines of 2020 and 2021—including a global pandemic, major cities in flames across the nation,

Expressive individualism is a bust

Very often, expressive individualism is the hidden dogma behind the most controversial questions of our age, whether it be social justice, abortion, sexuality, marriage, genetic

The Age of Anxiety

Western culture has been through what have been described as an Age of Faith, an Age of Enlightenment, and Age of Science, and so on.

Satanism on display at the Grammy Awards

At the 2023 Grammys, pop icon Madonna took the stage holding a dominatrix riding crop and expressing: “Thanks to all the rebels out there forging

We’re all Luther now

In a brilliant episode of NBC’s hit show The Good Place (a ynonym for heaven), a superhuman being named Michael is befuddled by the fact that no one

Throwing Cheese to the Glory of God

Paul describes the Christian life as the process of “being transformed into the same image [of Christ] from one degree of glory to another” (2