A Heretic's Manifesto

Join the redemptive revolt against self-worship for the glory of God.

Williams calls for a new generation of heretics, iconoclasts, renegades, mavericks, and rebels who refuse to march like good little cows, mooing in unison with the herd. He points us to a life beyond the boring, conventional, and self-defeating dogmas of self-worship and shows us how much more meaningful a life centered on God can truly be. Sign your name and commit to being a heretic against the self-worship that permeates and corrodes our society today. Live your life to these 10 resolutions through the help of the Triune God.

A Heretic's Manifesto

A new religion is sweeping the globe. Eighty-four percent of Americans believe that “enjoying yourself is the highest goal of life,” 86 percent believe that in order to enjoy yourself you must “pursue the things you desire most,” while 91 percent affirm the statement: “To find yourself, look within yourself.” This cult of self-worship…

... promises our most awesome life, but robs us of awe.
... markets itself as cutting edge, but is hopelessly outdated.
... commands us to follow our hearts, but our hearts are divided and depraved.
... encourages us to be true to ourselves, but makes us unwitting devotees to miserable men.
... tells us to be our own moral masters, but strips us of courage and credibility.
... calls us to the rush of unfettered experience and adventure, but becomes impossibly dull.
... tells us the answers are within, but that’s where the problems are.
... beckons us to be authentic, but makes us arrogant.
... claims we can break the structure of reality, but reality breaks us back.
... advertises itself as loving, but makes bigots and haters of us all.

We, the undersigned, seek to be heretics against the self-worship that permeates and corrodes society. We refuse to march like good little cows when ad men, pop stars, social media influencers, university professors, and animated animals push the dogmas of self-worship. We seek to actively subvert the religious narcissism of our day by living lives marked by…

... awe for the God of the Bible.
… rejection of the ancient serpent’s lie to define our own reality.
… following God’s heart before our own hearts.
… rebellion against the doomed philosophies of self-worship ideologues.
… courage to champion the objectively Beautiful, Good, and True over and against the ugliness, evil, and falsehoods of the age.
… ascending the adventurous terrain of seeking God’s kingdom, rather than wandering the flatlands of our own subjectivity.
… looking to God’s word rather than within ourselves for answers.
… authenticity before the fact that God is God and we are not.
… expressing our God-given freedoms within the God-given forms of moral reality.
… loving others redemptively, with an eye toward their temporal flourishing and eternal good.

We, the undersigned, cannot live a single one of these resolutions without the help of the Triune God. We, therefore, ask for a supernatural dose of His divine power and grace to live our lives to glorify the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit rather than the false gods of Me, Myself, and I. Soli Deo Gloria.

A Heretic's Manifesto

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